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Take responsibility for your neighbors this Pesach

Michael Shpigelman

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Emergency! help 100 Flatbush families (who reached out late)... we need $150k immediately for them to make Yom Tov.

It was already tough to make ends meet.

Now, with the hungry Inflation Monster raiding your fridge and eating off your table, it’s like having another hungry mouth to feed! A 60% increase in the price of cooking oil in just 12 months. One pound of MATZAH was seven dollars and five cents cheaper in 2021. And mandarins, pears, and pickles all cost a third more than last Pesach. Is it any wonder so many are struggling to keep up?

The Flatbush Community Fund wants to help at least 1000 local families get the Pesach they deserve.

Don’t let the climbing cost of living deprive your neighbors of providing for their families this Yom Tov. Help unburden their financial worries, The Flatbush Community Fund knows that when times are hard, finding help can feel even harder. So we’ve compiled the crucial resources that people need to get through times of financial hardship. We make assistance accessible and remove the confusion, frustration, and shame from getting help. We take action and inspire others to do more, give more and help more so struggling families can find peace.

Inflation doesn’t hurt everyone the same way. Many local families are already in a pinch. Then, a big expense like Pesach comes along and the Inflation Monster wrecks what’s supposed to be a joyous seder. No one should have to pick between paying the electricity bill or enjoying a family feast. Especially not in a generous community like Flatbush. We take care of us. And we won’t let the Inflation Monster pick on families in our neighborhood. Join us in being the anti-inflation solution.

Help us reach our goal this Pesach.

The Inflation Monster doesn’t know us. Let’s show him he picked the wrong community to mess with this Pesach.

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